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Individual or Family Oral Histories

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These are histories in which one or more members of a family share their life stories. Sometimes members of the elder generation want to pass down their stories to their children and grandchildren.

At other times, it’s the children who want to preserve their parents’, aunts’, or uncles’ stories. The storyteller may do one or two sessions, or five to ten sessions for a fuller telling of their story. Individual and family pictures increase the richness and depth of these print or DVD projects. Family oral histories can be produced in print, audio or video.

  • A wonderful gift for a special celebration is a booklet of stories and pictures gathered from family members and friends to honor a loved one. These stories can be collected secretly (on the phone or in person) so that the presentation is truly a surprise.
  • Pets are important members of many families. Our Pet Remembrance print or video booklets with photos, video, and stories keep these beloved family members alive in your heart with their unconditional love.

Examples of Individual/Family History Projects

Elsie Weisman
Click the image for an excerpt taken from the book: "A Traditional Jewish Woman's Oddessy: The Story of Elsie Weisman"

Virginia's Memories of Grandma
Click the image for an excerpt of Virginia Smith's oral history of memories of her Grandmother Bertha's Lone Birch Farm in rural, Minnesota.

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