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Perfect-bound books or booklets — Everyone has a story, and many plan to write theirs—someday. But it does not happen because they are not “writers.” Oral history books are in the voice of the storyteller, not with the unfamiliar words and tone of a memoir writer. Printed books are still the most archival method to preserve history, and many believe they are the most accessible and transportable medium. In addition to the words of the storyteller, your pictures, love letters, recipes, child’s first drawing, historical document are included to increase the value for future generations who will cherish the book.

Audio books — Your storyteller’s interview will be recorded on cassette or CD and packaged in an album, including an index of topics. The cover will be designed using pictures you provide to reflect the life of the storyteller. This talking book is the perfect way to convey the storyteller’s memories and emotions, through the recitation of favorite stories and personal values captured in the tones, inflections, and rhythms of the storyteller’s own voice. The audio book keeps the actual voice alive for years to come.

Video DVDs — Watching video is what many youth prefer to do. If you want to view your oral history, our team of professionals can shoot video in a studio or on location. Then we will incorporate your historical photographs, home movies, images of keepsakes, or favorite recipes resulting in a high-quality video you can share with your next generation of grandchildren, employees, or residents.

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