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Do you want to do your own oral history project?

HAND in HAND’s “how-to” class or workshop will give you the tools you need.

Perhaps you’ve thought to yourself:

"I wish I remembered the details, the richness of Dad’s stories about growing up on the farm."

"Auntie is getting older. I hope I’ll remember all the details she tells of the family’s history."

"My children are so young, and the doctors say Mom won’t be here next year. I wish I had a way to preserve her story for them to read when they are older."

As you ponder the above wishes, you realize:

"If I only had these stories in a book."

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And you may have resisted:

"But I don’t write well enough to create a book." In preserving individual history you don’t have to rewrite the stories, you can create a legacy with oral histories.

HAND in HAND offers you an interactive workshop in which you learn about the oral tradition, including how to interview and how to complete an oral history project to create a memory book, a legacy, of the people you care about.

Oral histories are verbal recollections transferred into the written word to create legacies. An oral history project is the perfect way to record the recent or prior personal history of your family, organization, or community. An oral history project conveys your personal history instead of your children only learning about the past from history books.

The value of oral histories or herstories is that they capture personal memories shared from the perspective of the narrator. In the oral tradition we preserve the flavor of the narrator’s speech and convey the narrator’s feelings and perceptions of history as it happened to and around them.

The recounting of the richness of the memories that goes beyond cold facts or dates creates a legacy.

This workshop series takes place over six weeks so that participants can practice their skills between sessions. The workshop fee also includes individual coaching on a participant’s personal project.

The workshop includes:

Lectures, discussions, and the sharing of numerous examples;
Experiential learning in a small-group setting;
Ample opportunities to have your questions answered; and
One hour of coaching on your own project.

Participants will gain an appreciation for the oral history tradition.
Participants will experience an oral history interview.
Participants will become familiar with the process in completing an oral history project.
Participants will receive coaching on their own oral history project.

Contact Oral Historian Kate Cavett for times, locations, and fee of current series:

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